Wish to acquire new business, but do not have the capital to support the deal?

CommTPA has numerous financial programs to help agencies grow.

Partnership Benefits

Agency expansion or diversification is now possible with the support of CommTPA. As a third party administrator, we can provide agencies with the opportunity to implement program enhancements, such as advances or heaping arrangements. CommTPA has numerous financial programs that grant access to capital allowing agencies to grow and finance new marketing campaigns. Not only will CommTPA provide the capital for program enhancements, but we will also manage the programs and take responsibility for the debts.

Speed To Market

CommTPA increases your speed to market by providing financing for innovative marketing programs. For each business deal, complex hierarchies can be quickly developed and entered into our processing system. 

Guaranteed Confidentiality

The privacy rights of each agency will always be protected by CommTPA. Your competitive data will be secure and entrusted.

Cost Effective Solutions

Capital is available for marketing program enhancements.

Our commission processing system allows for the adoption of new marketing campaigns.

Designing a new system to accommodate business deals is no longer a concern.

CommTPA can help your agency grow by providing capital to finance new marketing campaigns  

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