Wish to implement advances or heaping arrangements? 

CommTPA can manage these programs for carriers.

Partnership Benefits

CommTPA eliminates the difficulty of processing commission statements by implementing commission structures that support marketing program enhancements. Our commission processing system allows for any size marketing deal and can quickly develop commission sharing arrangements. CommTPA can also accommodate run-off business and closed block payments. Financing opportunities are available to help your distribution partners grow and finance new marketing campaigns. 

Cost Effective Solutions

Our commission  processing system eliminates IT development time and expenses.

Administrative expenses are reduced due to our program design.

Surplus Relief is available by leveling commission payment structures.

Speed To Market

CommTPA increases your speed to market by providing financing for innovative marketing programs. For each business deal, complex hierarchies can be quickly developed and entered into our processing system. 

Guaranteed Confidentiality

The privacy rights of each carrier will always be protected by CommTPA. Your competitive data will be secure and entrusted.

Marketing program enhancements are now simpler and less expensive to implement 

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